In 2007 I.C.F. worked on a 20-unit elderly and special needs apartment named called Spruce Street Golden Manor.

Golden Street Manor

This initial project was in conjunction with The Department of Housing and Urban Development, and Spruce Street Baptist Church. Spruce Street House of Hope was a continuation of the Spruce Street Golden Manor project.

I.C.F. was able to build off the strong relationship generated by the success of the first project and was selected as the General Contractor for the sister project House of Hope. With the same design-construction team I.C.F. was able to aggressively price this project which led to the owner being able to provide upgrades in this building not offered in the initial phase of construction. Ceramic Tiled and Wallpapered Corridors are only two of the many perks offered to residents of the 16 Units disabled housing apartment.

The project had a cost of 2.3 Million Dollars and was completed in 2009.